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cover art/audio work: P. Downsbrough

  • Peter Downsbrough, And That, lp, Sub Rosa, 2009 … … … 12 EUR An audio work from Peter Downsbrough with music by Xavier Garcia Bardon and I.
mimeo, pliage

mimeo, pliage

  • Benjamin Franklin, Live at OCCii march 9th 2008, cdr, Stenze Quo, 2009 … … … 5 EUR New cdr with recent live from Amsterdam with huge cover by ze best called  Fyoelk.


  • Roope Eronen, Time of the dragon and other early works, book, Historiaens Press, Bruxelles, 2008 … … … ?? EUR New publication from Historiaens Press, featuring works of this head of Lal Lal Lal galaxy…
  • Tour magazines reissue + Universal Mutant Studios tape, Stenze Quo/Historiaens, 2008 … … … 10 EUR Live tour mags from our dec. 2007-jan. 2008 Buffle/Ducktails/In the Eye of Vision tour with local contributions (Johann Fyoelk, Hannah, Dennis Tyfus, Peter Ciao!Bird, Mik Quantius, Steven Warwick, Stellar Om Source, Manuel Padding, Zeloot…). Including tape with the 30′ jam from the Amsterdam evening

cover by jeanne boyer

cover by jeanne boyer

  • Benjamin Franklin, cassette blanche, c-40, Disques de l’Oubli, 2009 … … … 5 EUR This is 38 minutes old recordings from 98, a tape on this new label ran by TG from Paris, France. With a beautiful painting cover by Jeanne Boyer from Paris, Love. Also available at Bimbo Tower in Paris or via les Editions de l’Oubli.

african boubou

boubou de matonge découpé olé olé

  • Buffle, Camille-Lili, Esther & Roxanne, ?, cdr, Young Girls Records, 2009 … … … 5 EUR A Sunday afternoon, sunny day in Brussels with unchained kids (live at compilothèque, summer 2008). New cdr Made in Liège wrapped in beautiful African boubou. Insert by Bongo Man. Also available via Young Girls Records.

photo by tomentosa

photo by tomentosa

  • Benjamin Franklin, Splitsing, c-60, Sloow Tapes, 2009 … … … 5 EUR Intense moments for inspiring place, fall 2007 at Belgica. New cassette on this label from Stekene, wrapped in a beautiful painting cover by Master Bart Sloow.. Also available via Tomentosa, Boa Melody Bar, Eclipse, …

photo by Résidence Baudoux

photo by Résidence Baudoux

  • Buffle, Dead City Holograms, 7″, 2008 … … … 5 EUR First Buffle vinyl, with tracks from 2007. Also available via mail-orders Release The Bats (Sweden), Ikuisuus (Finland), Ozonokids (Spain), A-Musik (Germany), Time-Lag (USA, soon) and various shops like Pitkä Mies in Helsinki. For sale via discogs.
  • V/A, Mirror Ball World Communication Center, Buffle Community Press, 50 page color zine, silkscreened cover … … … 7 EUR New fanzine Buffle featuring works from friends. Also available via mail-orders Release The Bats (Sweden), Ikuisuus (Finland), Ozonokids (Spain), A-Musik (Germany), Time-Lag (USA, soon)

photo by Lexi

photo by Lexi

  • Benjamin Franklin, La pente/Loupiotes, 7″, Lexi, 2008 … … … 5 EUR New 7inch released by Diqsues Lexi from Saint-Josse, silkscreen artwork by Serena Emiliani. 500 copies pressed, i take some copies at concerts. Also available via mail-orders Twisted Knister (Germany), DNT Records (USA), Tomentosa (USA), Ozonokids (Spain), Twinkelding (B, soon) and various shops in Brussels (V&G, Arlequin [Rue du Chêne], Quarantaine, La Licorne [Uccle], Mapp [Depage], United Musik [Fontainas], Pêle Mêle [Lemonier]), Paris (Bimbo Tower), Helsinki (Pitkä Mies), Bologna (Modo), Berlin (Staalplaat). It’s also possible via discogs.

stickers, thanks to Bongo Man

  • Buffle, stickers 4 different small buffle stickers. We take this at concerts and also the buffle binoculars…
  • Berger Louve, Trailers, cd-r, 2008 … … … 0 EUR First little demo cd-r of my project with Sandra Vincent. 25 mixed cuts of impro rough tracks to give an idea of what we do
cover by Jelle Crama

cover by Jelle Crama

  • Buffle/Benjamin Franklin/In the eye of vision/Ducktails, double split tape, Touring Tapes, 2007 … … … ?? EUR one or two copies of this winter tour release, compiled by Lieven Martens with huge cover by Jelle Crama. It’s also the tour poster
  • Roope Eronen, Drawings, Historiaens, 2007 … … … 1,5 EUR 4 pages as a trailer of full book of Roope Eronen (FIN) to be released very soon
  • Benjamin Franklin, Staged Pieces, cd-r, Snapshots, 2004 … … … 7 EUR This one you can hear it on the web but still exists as a cd-r with beautiful cover
  • R.O.T., Schansspelen/Teleurstellingen, cd-r 3″, Imvated, 2003 … … … ?? EUR few copies of this R.O.T. little cd-r maked by Lieven and Floris from Imvated. Two long tracks played in 2001 at the Bram’s atelier in the former Moving Art Studio building à la Rue des Tanneurs. Maybe also available via discogs.
  • V/A, Kicks, cd-r, no label, 2003 … … … 5 EUR Two copies of this compilation from the festival organized by The Vibracathedral Orchestra in Leeds on january 16-17, 2003. Tracks from Benjamin Franklin, Toss, Köhn, Sunroof!, Vibracathedral Orchestra and Birchville Cat Motel. You can also check the discogs shop.
  • V/A, Festival sampler, (K-RAA-K)3, 2002 … … … 5 EUR few copies of the compilation from the KRAAK festival in Hasselt on march 2nd, 2002. Tracks by Benjamin Franklin, Wio, Toss, Vibracathedral Orchestra, David Grubbs… (items for sale via discogs)
  • V/A, Label sampler, (K-RAA-K)3, 2001 … … … 5 EUR I have also 2 copies of this compilation distributed at the KRAAK festival 2001 in Hasselt. Track by Benjamin Franklin, Géographique, De Portables, Es… (items discogs)

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