This is the information blog about the artistic projects of me, Benjamin Franklin (aka bfkn), born Benjamin Francart.

Playing music since 1996 with Buffle at the beginning, I developed a solo project and multiple collaborations: Benjamin Franklin (solo), Gangalai & Gourabai, Berger Louve, Historiaens, vs Quentin Nicolaï, R.O.T. (formerly)…

I also play as musical support for cinema, theatre (Clément Laloy), dance (Playsure Company). I’m actually playing intuitive music as resource and support for ALMA, a transdiciplinary program based on movement founded and guided by Sandra Vincent.

More recently, thanks to ALMA, I have now discovered the joy of performing in movement and words.

So please see below some videos and check the AGENDA for gigs and more. Leave also a message here below for BOOKING one of this.

benjamin franklin

solo mio (tag) – listen more on soundcloud,

Cafe Oto, London, UK, 2013 (rec. by deKlakke)

Les Ateliers Claus, Bruxelles, 2012 (rec. by Partkdolg)

‘t Moeraske, Bruxelles, 2010 (rec. by FabOntheMoon)

Chez Clément, Bruxelles, 2007 (rec. by XGB)

AUDIO ONLY – Shelter Skelter, Afkikker, Gent, 2001 (rec. by StudioMuscle)


free lazy band impromptus (tag)

Telakka, Tampere, Finland, 2008 (rec. by Erin Schneider)

on the road to Bordeaux, France, 2005 (rec. by XGB)

gangalai & gourabai

future middle age carnival chanson duo (tag) – recently on knotwilg

‘t Schip, Hoegaarden, 2013 (rec. by Helmutmut)

Rue du Baudet, Bruxelles, 2007 (rec. by ManGenerated)

berger louve

love playsure voice/music/movement duo (tag) – listen more on soundcloud

Belgica, Bruxelles, 2008 (rec. by Luc Lamy)


geschietronics Bongo duo, purveyor of mixed medias artists (tag) – see YT channel

Croxhapox, Gent, 2007 (rec. by Antoine)

quentin nicolaï & benjamin franklin

World chess game battle duo (tag)

La Carotte, Schaerbeek, 2014 (rec. by JeanMi)

>>>>>> old, standby, future, too recent or potential projects

R.O.T. (graag vaag band), Fonovic (chocolate guns flash duo)…

booking something? Please leave a comment here below -thanks! (and yes, it works)

photo by Luc Lamy

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