Lexi Mariniers

Médiathèque NGHE 29-10-2016

A l’occasion de ce tranquille automne, Benjamin Franklin vient faire tinter ses sons de lutins binaires à NGHE et Lexi disques nous propose de continuer la soirée avec un trio inédit : Blood Stereo (Brighton, UK) & City Hands (Den Haag, NL). Mais ce n’est pas tout! Afin de parfaire cette expérience, Mark Gergis, co-fondateur du label américain Sublime frequencies, débarque tout chaud bouillant aux commandes de son projet musical Porest.

Ce samedi 29 octobre 2016, près de la Porte de Flandre

18H – Benjamin Franklin (Bxl)
19H – City Hands et Blood Stereo (Den Haag, NL / Brighton, UK)
20H – Porest  (USA)
Petit dj set Sublime frequencies pour finir la soirée en toute tranquillité.

6 euros

NGHE – Médiathèque bricolée
rue des mariniers, 6
1080 Molenbeek St Jean

Voilà Blood Stereo ‘old school’:

Nouveau, plus ténu encore:

Et en scène c’est cette ambiance là:

Ils seront en trio avec City Hands

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Une Réponse to “Lexi Mariniers”

  1. bfkn Says:

    presentation from Rebel Up

    Sat 29 Oct > experimental evening by Rebel Up! & Lexi Disques @ NGHE Mediatheque with Porest (US/IR), Blood Stereo (UK), City Hands (NL) & Benjamin Franklin (Bxl)

    Posted on October 25, 2016 by SebCat


    Saturday 29 Oct, an experimental concert night in the NGHE mediatheque! Organised by NGHE crew, Rebel Up! & Lexi Disques.

    From synthesizer sounds to global cut up music, weirdo pop and adventures in sound.

    Porest (US/IR)
    Mark Gergis is quite a catch; founder of the Sham Palace label, long time collaborator of Sublime Frequencies and member of disbanded Asian pop group Neung Phak. Porest is his post-globalized hate pop project, with cabalistic text-to-speech drama and violent tape music against soapbox anthems and swirling barbed-wire psychedelia that indulges in the trappings of art and politics. Listen here.
    At 18h, he will show 3 short movies that he made in Syria, Cambodia and Southeast Asia, in true Sublime Frequencies style!

    Blood Stereo (Brighton, UK)
    The masked duo Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis explore hand-cranked 20th century technology in combination with epiglottal gymnastics and free music modes inherited as much from punk rock’s mutilated aesthetic as utopian art styles. Music here.

    City Hands (NL)
    Dutch sound artist Manuel Padding aka City Hands approach brings unexpected sounds, from calm atmospheres to trippy vibrations and even poetry. His narratives generally evoke a world where humans no longer prevail, a stream of words lurking into post-apocalyptic loneliness and colourful magic.

    Benjamin Franklin (Bxl)
    Casio keyboard player Benjamin Franklin puts out graceful and mysterious home-taped recordings of hypnotic melodies, sweet ballad and deviant pop. Perfect warmup sounds to gently shake body & mind.

    > finishing at 22h30, so please come on time!
    possibly there will some veggie food too for those who come early.

    18h > 3 short films of Mark Gergis (Syria – Cambodia – Southeast Asia)
    19h Benjamin Franklin
    20h City Hands & Blood Stereo
    21h Porest
    ends at 22:30 >

    We will continue the afterparty @ Via Via cafe (Quai aux Briques 74 / St Cat)
    from 22:30 til 2:30, free in.
    dj sets by Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequencies), Rebel Up! SebCat & Diego Armando.

    FB event
    6, Rue des Mariniers
    1080 Molem

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