This THURSDAY 28 of JUNE 2012 at 8 pm / 20.00
last show at Gunther (art space), Oudaan 15 shop 33 – Antwerpen

ALVARIUS B (aka Alan Bishop from Sun City Girls)
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (aka le pâtre de Bruxelles)

flyer by Dennis Tyfus



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Une Réponse to “gunther”

  1. bfkn Says:

    « between june 2010 and yesterday vaast calson and myself have rented a glass hexagon space in the centre of antwerp, strategically placed right next to the biggest police tower in europe, on the side of a failed shopping mall type of thing in true 70’s uglietecture. the main intention was to have a duo studio where we could work on our visual work, with the posibility to also make side specific instalations, we’ve named the space « gunther » which could be understood as « over there » in a sort of slang. we’ve hardly worked on our visual work there, had a million ideas that never happened, but did set up over 40 shows, performances and presentations by fine creatures such as: floris vanhoof, entr’acte, hundebiss, cassis cornuta, bjarne melgaard, uli lindmayr, joshua burkett, ralph white, chris corsano, c spencer yeh, okkyung lee, bill kouligas and joseph hammer, daniel higgs, remörk, guy rombouts, bas van de hurk & koen delaere, w ravenveer, wieter dockx, false flag and nazi knife, sigtryggur berg sigmarsson, hans grusel’s krankenkabinett, lizz allbee, sunburned hand of the man with ludo mich, the eye, dsr lines, miaux, reijo pami, utat and magik towers, avarus, jarse, mik quantius, gerard herman, vaast colson, rock n roll people, jada and renée van trier, peter fengler, bill orcutt, david sherry, für dich verlag, messieur delmotte, idm theft able, jan matthé, herb diamante, guillaume bijl, mss meesterd, stacks, orphan fairytale, john butcher, sheldon siegel, vom grill, mittland och leo, kurt ryslavy and the getian wits, dale cornish, clean press, am dumitran, keith whitman, astropietra, sea urchin, humus, pak, cotopaxi, city hands, diamond catalog, textase, (sic), snorri asmundsson, blaastaal, tobacconists, dolphins into the future, rodger stella, mark lord, darksmith of california, joris van de moortel, af ursin, kris vanderstraeten, rei hayama and makino takashi »

    photo by Dennis Tyfus

    « on thursday the last event happend, with live shows by the hypno wizzard benjamin franklin dripping loops of exotic heath on our foreheads and alvarius b as the cherry on the melted pie! » DT, UE news


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