KarnevaL in June

KARNEVAL IN DEM LAND DER CETACEAN – A three day festival to celebrate the intelligence and consciousness. An open day at Kuen-Lun, with sound / visual experiences, Taped Sounds recording artists and related seekers.

26th, 27th, 28th of june.
Graz, Austria



taped sounds

taped sounds

« The human body is a great mechanic. If you know how to drive that mechanic, you can be a different person. »
(jean-claude van damme)



R.O.T. (be)
P.A.R.A. (usa)

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Une Réponse to “KarnevaL in June”

  1. bfkn Says:

    text presentation by Lieven:

    * IGNATZ (be)
    Bram Devens, the Belgian champion in computer gaming. in the axis of his inner peace, you will find… armed with a guitar, thriftstore electronics and a smoked out voice, Bram speaks in a tongue of modern tales on traditional hothouse psychedelics and rootsmusic, like the 2009 Henry Flynt would translate his tale of life into tunes. But more than simple xerox creations, Bram draws a new dusty map of his own. Pretty singular if you ask me….Bram released 3 lp’s on Kraak, and tapes on labels like Taped Sounds, Beniffer Editions, etc.

    C.G. Jung teached us to create a childplay, to get in touch with our own myth, our past. to gain understanding about ourself. Orphan Fairytale is the musical translation of this technique. Under the blanket of naivety you will find treasure. played with a level of illumination and intelligence one rarely encounters in the modern languague of music, Eva Van Deuren builds a whole playground for the lost and found, sounding like both dwarfs playing nursery rhymes, and munchies on a high-energy techno struggle.Eva released tapes on Imvated, Puik, Beniffer, Blackest Rainbow, etc. A collaborational LP on Dreamtime Taped Sounds, and is working at LP’s for Notnotfun, Ecstatic Peace and Nofun. She also runs her own imprint Pluim.

    * MONOPOLY CHILD (usa)
    Spencer Clark, dweller on the treshold who is also a member of the Skaters. Monopoly Child is the « sisters’ man » own vision on the fourth way. A massage, rooted in the village that is Pacific City, at Dimension End. His esotherical, psychological music, encoded in the magickal key « Ah Kukuu » is the mans’ own gateway to a world beyond the clouds. His liveshows sound both like a temple inauguration and a bootleg from dusty 50’s Ethnic Folkways LP’s. Spencer released records on Eclipse, Wabana, etc, and has a stream of cdr’s and tapes on his own label Pacific City and on sister label New Age.

    * CITY HANDS (nl)
    This guy has only city hands, but has a mindframe to understand both the power of Digital Man and the insight of Caddyshack. Full time bowler and bridge builder between the creative and the working class. Head in office of the recently put to sleep Helbaard emporium of gigs, vision candy and free beer for me. And a lovely hand for tongue-in-cheek diamond silkscreens. His personal soundworld is one that verbalizes the hinterland behind a hissy tape-recorder playing dusty new age thriftstore tapes.Manuel releases various limited self-released items on his own label Silver Ghosts.

    * JAMES FERRARO (usa)
    James Ferraro, the Hannah Montana European Fanclub chairman of the board plays also in the Skaters. Currently he’s both channeling the evil eye of the mass media and the beauty of life, love and clear. James’ music stands by his own unique vocabulary of what one could verbalise as childlike conceptions of today and yesterday. But speaks in a very adult tongue with a code of comical comments on the now. His discography reads as a mapping of some parallel world he’s giving tours through now and then, dictated by a vague ultraterrestial presence. Records on Eclipse, Wabana, Old English Spelling Bee etc, and has tapes and cdr’s under various monikers on his own imprint New Age, and on Taped Sounds, Heavy Tapes…

    * P.A.R.A. (usa)
    Pre-Atlantian Ritual Artifacts, stands for incantations by this young candidate Lebanna Bly. Soundwaves channeled before the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Her sparse releases read as a take on magickal manifestations enlighted by a certain crude outsider spirit picked up from out of nowhere. Rude collect calls to a past of a more correct man – woman balance in the mind of Vril. One of the new heads in the
    psychological esotherics classroom. Released her debut LP on Old English Spelling Bee end 2008. Released cd’s and tapes on New Age and Taped Sounds.

    * R.O.T. (be)
    « solid eye covered by stoners » dixit Dylan Nyoukis. Long-running troupe of kindred sound poets and acoustic seekers. Started 10 years ago as the common drone / Dead C coverband (according to Bananafish), but evolved into a puddle of various forms of communication about the subject called sound. Intentionally created as a loose vehicle with a grand troupe of bandmembers coming and going, R.O.T. established in a vast four man endeaver over the past few years, creating a sound that is both its most consistent as its most loosely challenging ever. The band holds a large discography with tapes, LPs, CDs, etc on Veglia, Kraak, Morc, Imvated, ….

    * ZIM ZIM ZIM (be)
    Radiant tonifications celebrating the beginning of the new eaon with the mutual quest for exo / eso – peace. referential sounds, picked out of reference to create emotion to create love under will. Sarah Geens and Wietske Van Gils hold a special eye for romance and melancholy in their cloudy soundworld constructed with vocals, electronics and various accoustic instruments. A gift of beauty to the nation of the free. The band did release some limited self-released items, and debut tape on
    Taped Sounds.

    I create my music by automatic writing through my dialogues with the cetacean world and its sources of ultraterrestial information that is maybe in there (…) my work stands both as a musical interpretation of the trancefers, a map of personal ways to the Id, (…) I believe in this stage of our development, the visual and sensory sense are of paramount importance, so I hope I can reach you with this mere collection of tunes. (…) Meditate on the concept of using the cetacean nation as a metaphor of what we could be and reach. love and light,(…) Lieven Martens released a debut LP on Not Not Fun, a cd on Release The Bats, and various tapes on Taped Sounds, Pacific City, Skulls Of Heaven, Puik, …

    * EEKHOORN X (be)
    multimedia turbulence created by two dwarfs, coming from the small villages in the playfull creative mind. Orphan’s Fairytale Eva Van Deuren and trendsetting nudity covermodel Edith Vandenhoeck mix the childplay with the coming down of hangovers. Because, yes, Eekhoorn X might be the best possible way to linger in the unique powers connected to hangovers. A stream of seemingly naive loops of VHS nostalgia,
    combined with tapecollages and locked grooves of old records, massage their way into your Grey Matter and leave you with a feeling of enlightment.

    * COTOPAXI (ger)
    A duo whose living room looks like a zoo and whose mindtune sounds like an aquarium. He who looks for treasure finds a friend. Creators of gigs in a « tent » called Occi. Creators of sound on a label called « Hallo Gallo ». Creators of food in a place called « kitchen ». Creators of life on a stage called « buhne ». Johann and Hannah might be the realest addition to the current collection of modern day sound creators in the lower countries. Little happy themes constructed with a vortex of toysynths, accoustic instruments, taperecorders etc. Like a gay technoparty for stuffed animals….Cotopaxi released tapes on Hallo Gallo and Taped Sounds.

    * MIK QUANTIUS (ger)
    Abducted by aliens a number of times. Collaborater with Embryo and NoNeckBluesBand. Rooted in the post-70’s Fluxus sound poetry lane… but this guy takes it a lot further since he’s always creating a lightbulb of freedom between the many references. When Mik enters the buhne with his amalgan of 2 organs, the power of his voice, and everything else that is available, the listener is privileged to be a silent witness of his personal search for Eureka….. defenitly a big influence on every person he makes eye-contact with. Mik plays on the Embryonnck cd (released on Staubgold), The Way Of The Cross LP (with members of Skaters, NNCK, Kemialliset Ystavat, Keijo, etc. released on Phoenix) and various Embryo recordings.

    * PARTKDOLG (be)
    Bram Borloo, visual artist and member of R.O.T. and the Belgian (defunct?)soundseekers duo Moysk. as Partkdolg, he creates a manifestation of sounds and ideas, as a pathway for his continuum rôle as the ambassador for the Green Art. Defenitly hiking on some smoked-out Fluxus induced plains Joe Jones could’ve wandered through (birdcage soundsystem anyone?) but Bram adds his unique vision of Green and the Moon in the blender and thus creating a fresh ballet of multiple input
    sound / vision spectacular. Bram put out a few limited cd’s and cassettes on Veglia (with his fantastic under the radar masterpiece Senegambia Recordings, where he
    creates the kind of perfect fieldrecordings album), Imvated, Audiobot, Taped Sounds etc. He also runs his own imprint Mototronix on which he’s been putting out his maat Fool Moon recordings next to other stuff and works of artists like Evil Moisture etc.

    * BUFFLE (be)
    The masters of « Le Technique Blue Screen » and the visioners of a city called « love ». holding in its bosom, the genius of Benjamin Franklin, Buffle is way more than just a group addition to the pretty unique soundworld of Benjamin. It’s a unique and creative new puzzle of elements of psychedelic music, Neu-styled krautrock, Alga Marghen sound poetry and electronic trance music. A puzzle that stays fresh and keeps radiating after their many years of existence. And keeps giving you that
    fuzzy puzzling feeling. Tapes on Lal Lal Lal, Breaking World Records, Ultra Eczema Taped Sounds, etc. and recently put out a self-released 7″.

    Sunburned Hand Of The Man mercenary, now relocated in the rich part of Bruxelles. Paul Labrecque creates his own myth with only the help of his axe and brains. Shredding his soul in a roughly loose psychedelic style with links to both Japanese and American 60’s teachings. An adult liason of beauty, mythology and magick, celebrating the eye of the spirit of the ever wandering soul called man. Released records on Eclipse, Open Mouth, etc.

    * BREW ABUSE (be)
    The worldwide premiere of Carlo Steegen’s new one man performance act. Carlo is one of the most active heads ever in the bucket of the Antwerp scene. Releasing a vast catalogue of 200+ titles on his imprint Audiobot. Was the shopkeeper at the sadly defunct Stereophonic & Freaks End Future recordstores. Is mc’ing the weekly Schering & Inslag hiphop radioshow on our local independent radio. And in his spare time, the
    perfect dj for all your secret dorm parties. With Brew Abuse, Carlo presents his take on the terminal force. Released a bunch of tapes under his Frozen Corpse (a duo with Orphan Fairytale) monniker on labels like Fag Tapes, Maim And Disfigure etc. and recently released his solo debut album « Cryptic Report ».

    * HUUR IS DUUR (be)
    Christophe Piette (of R.O.T.) and Wietske Van Gils (of Zim Zim Zim) create a metaphorical amalgan of purely acoustic created environments. A fresh breeze in in-house architectural breedings. A little bit of a naive xerox from Philip Corner’s Piano Works LP created with everything except a piano. Simple, deep and reflective.

    Hendrik Hegray. Paris fluorescent friend of direct drawings and instant reaction. Hendrik co-runs the prolific Nazi Knife zine in wich a mapping of the nowadays city of drawers, visual artists, and collageurs is being given a few times a year. Hendrik toured with Demons and other bands. His liveshows are allways different. From a laptop pastiche to a weird performance metaphor, he brings a chronic of alterior motives. Beavis and Butthead with a French tongue……

    * LUDO MICH (be)
    A sound poet who visits us from dimension M with messages about a life in the light. The movie « Saturnus », which Mich directed, wrote and filmed himself in the early 70’s is one of the heaviest Belgian visions in Fluxus rooted liquid mercury incantations. Ludo Mich, drawing his inspiration from mythology and science fiction among other things, is the embodyment of a unique energy and crude creativity one would only connect to those days of forgotten lore. His liFe performances read like
    a mysterious automatic writing lecture, only using the strength of the voice and the body languague of codes.Ludo has a long sold out solo LP out on Ultra Eczema, and recently released a collaborational LP with the kindred spirits of Blood Stereo.

    Lil’ Haaanske. Dark motives by the guy who personally makes tons of people saying « amaai » too many times. Hans is on a personal crusade to spread the brain – body infotainment of the « hamaai » to all who can speak, live and think. Feel how it can change your live today. Hans’ music is a weird abyss of tapes, synth, loops, and vocals. Slapping the backs of dark ambient, but being very aware of not sounding dark ambient, because it’s not 1999 anymore. A fresh delivery from Burger King. « hamaai ».

    * VOM GRILL (be)
    A king of Ultra Eczema, a full time marketeer, a spokesman of the modern independent radio, and spending his time acting rough in his own house. Dennis Tyfus takes the voyage to Austria to presents his first solo performance of synthesizer music. His rough bottomless pit of creativity translates through the keys of electronical pulses. the snake in the three of life with a start of a bald coupe, ever so vicious, never so real. Tyfus put out many records by various sound lovers on his own imprint Ultra Eczema, released a solo split LP with Dylan Nyoukis, and put out various cdr’s on Audiobot, Imvated, etc.

    * HUNGRY SOUL (be)
    A heavy smoked out entity called Erik. as dj Stroheim playing booty housetunes. And as himself being Mister Shades. As Hungry Soul making extremely booty hanglider house for a whole new presence. Being definitly one of the best hidden secrets in the Antwerp city, I’m pleased he’ll be kicking out the jams in Graz.


    before, during and after the concerts, a range of dj’s will play records. Italo House, Hiphop, 80’s movie soundtracks, Cambodian music, various ethnic music, etc. a whole world of sound, tunes and dance music will be presented to you. DJ’s representing are LAMZAK, ALEX MURPHY, CHARLES BERLITZ, BONGO MAN, MILFHUNTER, BEFFIE BRIENO, PANIEKZAAIER, DENNIS TYFUS, KETAMINE, HELMUTMUT, MISTER MINETTE, LAURENT VEGALIA, etc. a complete line-up will be announced at the festival.

    films made and / or selected by LABANNA BLY, VJ BONGO MAN, JAMES FERRARO, VINCENT STROEP, ALEX MURPHY, FLORIS VANHOOF, JORIS MARTENS, etc. a detailed list with more info will be announced later this month.

    various stalls with merchandise, souvenirs, cassette tapes, vinyl records, cd albums, books, food, etc. hosted by the various people mentioned on the line up.


    « The human body is a great mechanic. If you know how to drive that
    mechanic, you can be a different person. »
    (jean-claude van damme)

    « In the province of the mind, there are no limits. »
    (john cunningham lilly)

    « What the Dolphins Have Taught Me 1.) To swim and dive. 2.) To hear better and more in the ocean and in general 3.) To enjoy the ocean and swimming 4.) To value living in a group of people and living like dolphins. These are some of the basic priciples they teach: Supporting each other. Cooperating, no competition. Taking care of Nature and it takes care of us. We are more than our physical bodies, we are able to communicate. Use your telepathic abilities. Sound (vibrations) can heal us. Use them, study them. Live Simply. Breathe deeply all the time and avoid going places where you can’t. Sleep on your own schedule. Eat what’s in your environment. Always smile, it makes you more beautiful. Eye contact is a communication between souls. You have control over your emotions – express the good ones, analyze the bad ones. Don’t blame others. Keep active. Enjoy making love. Be curious. Teach the young people. Play more than anything else, no matter where you are! Respect your family. Share your feelings of love with everyone. Don’t be stingy. Be fearless and face the things that worry you with Faith. Use your 6th sense and beyond. Have integrity. Love yourself. Keep your sense of humor. »
    (Joan Ocean)

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